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We believe puppies deserve the very best start in life, which is why we have spent lots of time perfecting this tasty, wholesome and complete recipe. We've put the love and care you'd put into dinner for your family into this meal, which has been    specially formulated for your puppy. Our team is made up of cooks, nutritionists, vets, dog lovers and of course Lily - our chief taster. We make this recipe with natural ingredients - fresh meat, vegetables and healthy herbs - plus carefully chosen    vitamins and minerals. All these provide the nutrition your growing puppy needs to be healthy and happy. We only ever use proper meat in our recipes: no meat meal, no bone meal, no rendered meat. Our unique recipes dont contain any cheap fillers - like    wheat, corn or soya - and they dont contain any nasties. Specially designed for puppies up to 8 - 14 months, depending on breed.         

Best Before 26/11/2023 Lily's Kitchen Puppy Chicken Recipe 6 x 400g

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