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The new and improved Comfort Leads are probably the most comfortable leashes on the market. The lead is made using strong and flexible rope, with soft padding over the handles, and a new locking clip. 
The leash handles have been lined with soft padded neoprene, which prevents rope burn from tugging dogs, and makes them more comfortable and substantial to hold. The rope has a little bounce, which saves your shoulders and arms from strong launchers. The padding also helps prevent chafing from heavy pulling.
The lead has an extra secure screw-lock Karabiner style clip. The clip is easy to attach to the collar or harness and keeps your dog safely secured. The clip also rotates preventing the lead from twisting.
The new and improved comfort lead measures 48in / 120cm in length and has an extra O-ring on the handle, allowing you to close the lead and wear it over your shoulder while your dog is off the lead. You can also attach poo bags or other accessories to the O-ring. 
Our leads are as strong as can be and like our other Long Paws products, come with a Lifetime Guarantee against material and construction defects.
120cm / 48in in length and 1.2cm thick. Up to 240kg Tensile Strength

Long Paws Comfort Collection Rope Lead 120cm / 48in Orange, Screw Lock Karabiner

SKU: 5060604535686
£19.99 Regular Price
£13.99Sale Price
  • 120cm / 48in
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