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MISFITS Nasher Sticks Medium Dog Treats with Chicken and Beef 175g.

We love our dogs because they're one-in-a-million, legendary characters! We know they're too busy chasing squirrels or snaffling socks to worry about the perfectly shaped treat, so neither do we. MISFITS - treats full of character for dogs full of character! These new Misfits Nasher Sticks are bound to be a winner with your customers Complementary pet food for adult dogs. We've said no to artificial colours and flavours and sent them to the    naughty basket! Store your MISFITS in a cool, dry (and safe!) place. Use within 14 days of opening.                         

Misfits Nasher Sticks Chicken and Beef 175g

SKU: 5998749119006, 5998749118993
£1.25 Regular Price
£0.88Sale Price
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