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Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet - Dandelion Every product in the Komodo range of reptile foods and supplements has been specially formulated to provide the correct balance of nutrients, giving them a food that looks after their whole body. Komodo    tortoise diets are designed to provide a complete nutritional diet for popular species of pet tortoise, and contain no artificial additives, preservatives, flavours or colours. The diet is high in fibre with a calcium to phosphorous ratio of 3.5:1 Our    tortoise diets have been extensively tested to develop a range of flavours tortoises will love. Available in 170g, 340g 680g and 2kg, - a size to suit all needs from tasting pots, hatchlings up to 2kg tubs for those with a bigger appetites. How to use:    Can be fed dry or wet, just add a little water to bring out the flavour Best served in small portion, at the start and end of the day. Remove if not eaten Always provide fresh drinking water All Komodo foods are sourced locally and produced in the United    Kingdom to reduce product miles and environmental impact. Also available in Fruit & Flower, Banana, Salad Mix and Cucumber Flavours.                     

Komodo Tortoise Food - Dandelion Flavour 340g

SKU: 5023556423128
£6.40 Regular Price
£4.48Sale Price
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