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Dated 23/03/24

Complete feed for dogs - For neutered adult medium breed dogs (from 11 to 25 kg) - Over 12 months old - Dogs with a tendency to gain weight.

ROYAL CANIN® Medium Sterilised Care Adult Dry Dog Food 12kg

SKU: 3182550928724
£85.00 Regular Price
£59.50Sale Price
  • Due to hormonal changes, dogs that have been neutered are twice as likely to gain weight than unneutered dogs*. Their metabolism also tends to slow down, which can often result in a loss of muscle mass. With the right diet, your dog can benefit from nutrients that support healthy muscle mass and effective weight management. ROYAL CANIN® Medium Sterilised Care is exclusively formulated with the nutritional needs of neutered dogs like yours in mind. This product is suitable for adult dogs that weigh between 11kg and 25kg. To help your dog maintain an ideal body weight, this food provides the optimal combination of a high protein content and a moderate fat intake. What’s more, the highly digestible protein included in this formula is specially adapted to support your dog in maintaining a healthy muscle mass. Even though your dog’s metabolism slows after sterilisation, you may find that their hunger doesn’t. This can often lead to your dog wanting more food between their scheduled mealtimes. This recipe contains a blend of dietary fibres that help to satisfy your dog’s hunger and encourage the feeling of fullness. These dietary fibres also contribute towards healthy digestion. At ROYAL CANIN®, everything that we do is driven by our passion for pet health. Our Canine Care Nutrition range is the result of decades of advanced scientific research into developing tasty canine nutrition that also supports your dog’s health. But don’t just take our word for it – this food product contains 10% fewer calories than regular adult dog food, an achievement scientifically proven in the Royal Canin kennels. * Root Kustritz 2007; Colliard et al. 2006; Mc Greevy et al. 2005; Robertson 2003; Edney and Smith 1986
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